Porous Heaters

Thermo-Stone’s patented porous heater technology (#6,859,617) allows for applying a thin film coating directly on the surface of a non-conductive porous substrate.Thermo-Stone’s thin film does not block the open pores allowing gasses or fluids to pass directly through the heated surface.This feature allows for excellent heat transfer and a very pure heat source.

Product Specification Range:

Temperatures up to 300°C
Voltages - From 3 volts to 300 volts - AC or DC current
Porosity - 10% to 50%
Wattage - Up to 130 watts/sq in.
Substrate Dimensions – Various tube and flat dimensions available

Available Substrate:

Porous Alumina Flat & Tubes
Porous Mullite Flat & Tubes

(Link to Porous Substrate comparison chart)


Low Mass/High Thermal Conductivity

Energy efficient
Quick heat up/cool down rates
Temperature uniformity

Large Surface Area Coverage – Up to 99%

Lower operating temperatures
Better temperature control
Less hot/cold spots
Quick heat up rates
Superior temperature uniformity
Energy efficient

High Watt Density

Quicker heat up rates
Higher temperatures


No out gassing
Can be used in clean room environments

Multiple Segment Design

Customizable heat distribution
Better temperature control and uniformity


Medical - CPAP and Vapor Systems, Drug Delivery
Industrial - Chemical detection, Fluid and gas heating, Mass-Spectrometers
Semi-Conductor - Chemical Processing,
Military/Aerospace - Chemical Detection

Patent# 6, 859, 617