Thin Film Heaters

radiant heater

Thermo-Stone’s heating elements feature a conductive thin film technology applied to the surface of an insulative substrate.  Our advanced film deposition system integrates the heater with the surface of the substrate resulting in a very robust, responsive and uniform radiant heater

Thermo-Stone’s thin film technology allows the heater to cover a larger surface area than traditional heating technologies, reducing the number of hot and cold areas on the heated surface.  This greater coverage allows the thin film heater to heat up faster, use less energy, run at a lower temperature, and have better uniformity.  Thermo-Stone’s thin film heaters also have very low mass allowing for very quick heating and cooling cycles.

Product Forms:

Rectangular/Square Heaters
Circular Heaters
Porous Heaters
Tube Heaters


Temperature  Maximum up to 500°C depending on the substrate
Dimensions - 
Flat Substrates - From .08" x .08" to as large as 16" x 30".  With thicknesses ranging from .0165" to .5".
Tubular Substrates - OD's up to .60" and lengths up to 30"
Voltages - From 3 volts to 300 volts - AC or DC current
Wattage - Up to 1000 watts/sq in.

Available Substrates

Glass / Ceramic
Aluminum Nitride
Dielectrically Coated Stainless Steel
Porous Ceramic


Low Mass/High Thermal Conductivity

Energy efficienct
Quick heat up/cool down rates
Temperature uniformity

Large Surface area coverage – Up to 99%

Lower operating temperatures
Better temperature control
Less hot/cold spots
Quick heat up rates
Superior temperature uniformity
Energy efficiency

High Watt Density

Quicker heat up rates
Higher temperatures


Over 90% visible light transparency
See through heaters
No out gassing
Can be used in clean room environments

Multiple segment design

Customizable heat distribution
Better temperature control and uniformity