Beryllium Oxide

Beryllium Oxide (BeO)

BeO is the best candidate for extreme temperatures and watt density.  Heaters can be developed with Watt Densities of up to 800 watts per square inch and that can reach temperatures over 500°C.  This high performance substrate has excellent thermal conductivity, which produces an extremely uniform heater.   


Temperatures up to 500°C

Dimensions - up to 4" square with thicknesses ranging from .0165" to .125"

Voltages from 3 volts to 300 volts - AC or DC current

Wattage up to 800 watts/sq in.


Superior moisture and chemical resistance
Excellent dielectric properties
Low thermal expansion
Excellent thermal shock properties

Low Mass/High Thermal Conductivity (251 Watts/m°K)

Energy efficient
Quick heat up/cool down rates
Temperature uniformity

Large Surface Area Coverage – Up to 99%

Lower operating temperatures
Better temperature control
Less hot/cold spots
Quick heat up rates
Superior temperature uniformity
Energy efficient

High Watt Density

Quicker heat up rates
Higher temperatures

Multiple Segment Design

Customizable heat distribution
Better Temperature Control and Uniformity


Industrial - Chemical Detection, Mass-Spectrometers
Semi-Conductor - Chemical Processing, Chip/Burn-in Systems
Military/Aerospace - Chemical Detection