Ceramic (Alumina)

Ceramic substrates are extremely versatile due to the ability to formulate heaters that have good mechanical strength with extremely low inertia mass. Extremely powerful heaters from very small sizes can be fabricated with the ability to reach temperatures in excess of 400°C in a matter of seconds and cool down almost as rapidly.


Temperatures up to 450°C

Flat - From .08” x .08” to as large as 8” x 16”. With Thicknesses ranging from .0165” to .60”.
Tubular - Up to .60” OD

Dense and Porous options available
Voltages - From 3 volts to 300 volts – AC or DC current.
Wattage - Up to 350 watts/sq in.


Superior Moisture and Chemical Resistence

Excellent Dielectirc Porperites

Low Mass/High Thermal Conductivity

Energy efficient
Quick heat up/cool down rates
Temperature uniformity

Large Surface Area Coverage – Up to 99%

Lower operating temperatures
Better temperature control
Less hot/cold spots
Quick heat up rates
Superior temperature uniformity
Energy efficient

High Watt Density

Quicker heat up rates
Higher temperatures


No out gassing
Can be used in clean room environments

Multiple Segment Design

Customizable heat distribution
Better temperature control and uniformity


Medical - CPAP and Vapor Systems, Diagnostic Equipment, Blood Analysis, Drug Delivery
Industrial - Chemical Detection, Mass-Spectrometers
Appliance/Electronics - Coffee Makers, Vaporizers, Hot Plates, Flat Irons, Fuser Heaters
Semi-Conductor - Wafer Chuck, Chemical Processing, Chip/Burn-in Systems
Military/Aerospace - Chemical Detection