Porcelain Enameled Steel

Porcelain Enameled Steel

Porcelain enameled steel (PES) is an economical and efficient substrate for thin film heaters. The porcelain is a non-conductive insulator and the steel substrate acts as a strong structural member and heat retainer. Thermo-Stone's conductive thin film is applied directly onto the porcelain steel, integrating the heater with the substrate. This feature provides instant heatup and minimal energy loss.


Temperatures up to 350 oC
Dimensions: From .1” x .1” to as large as 12” x 14”. With thicknesses ranging from .04” to .100”
Voltages: From 3 volts to 300 volts – AC or DC current
Wattage: Up to 50 Watts/sq in.


Good moisture and chemical resistance
Good heat retention properties

High Thermal Conductivity

Energy efficient
Quick heat up/cool down rates
Temperature uniformity

Large Surface Area Coverage – Up to 99%

Lower operating temperatures
Better temperature control
Less hot/cold spots
Quick heat up rates
Superior temperature uniformity
Energy efficient


No out gassing
Can be used in clean room environments

Multiple Segment Design

Customizable heat distribution
Better temperature control and uniformity


Medical - CPAP and Vapor Systems, Diagnostic Equipment, Drug Delivery
Industrial - Chemical Detection,
Appliance - Food Warmers, Cook Tops, Kettle Plate Heaters
Military/Aerospace - Chemical Detection